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The Preschool operates four days per week, i.e. Tuesday-Friday during school terms.
Full day sessions are from 9.00am to 3.00pm. Children must be 2 – 5 years of age to attend the preschool.

In 2018, Thursday is the only day the preschool will be accepting enrollments of 2 year old children and it is limited to 4 places only for the 2 year olds. Please contact the preschool here for more information.

Download documents required for enrolment:

2019 Enrolment Form

Parent Information Handbook

Application for membership of association

*Note: A person from each family that has a child/ren attending the preschool must be a member of the association under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009

Additional information



Government Legislation states that the Pre-School is required to maintain an immunisation register regarding the immunization status of all enrolled children. To enrol in the Preschool, parents must provide an ACIR Immunisation History Statement stating the child is up-to-date or on a catch up schedule (certified  by the immunisation provider), or provide the Preschool with an ACIR Immunisation Exemption form (certified  by an immunisation provider).

Example of ACIR Immunisation History Statement



Fee schedule 2019

Fees are set and reviewed annually by the Management Committee.  Fees are kept to a minimum to ensure affordability for all families.

Fees must be paid per term for each session in which your child is enrolled, irrespective of attendance.  Fees can be paid using cash, cheque or direct deposit. We are also registered with Centrelink for Centrepay – a direct bill-paying service which Centrelink offers to customers from their Centrelink payments. Please see the Director set up Centrepay payments if you wish to use this service. 


School Bus

By special arrangement, school buses bring some children living outside the town limits to the Preschool and pick-up in the afternoon. Bus drivers are not required to carry Preschoolers and they are not paid for this service – they travel any extra distance at their own expense.  Please recognise the favour your bus driver is doing for you. Only children attending full day sessions, who live outside of the town limits are to travel by bus.